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an in-house workbench developed for digital processing of trading algorithms, money management and trade execution.

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are implemented through a broker-neutral platform for a deep analysis and better trading.
6 reasons to use this desktop client:

Lots of specific trading functions, individual trading workspace, broker-independent development team, multi-asset trading via a single platform, various synchronous data providers and an open API (Visual Studio connect)

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Our framework gives access to sophisticated rule-based investment techniques. Our approach to successful preserving and enhancing wealth in a transparent manner is rooted in the following core objectives:

Single Market Studies

Proven and modern filtering methods enable the estimation of quotes and the inference of forecast model parameters to make a statement in short term about volatility, false break-outs and minor retracements.

Trading Rule Definitions

From filtered output of quotes and model parameters conclusions can be drown about the trend of the timeseries (up trend, down trend, neutral). A switch in trends generates a reliable entry signal. “Stop loss limits” are used as a downside protection strategy against significant losses.

Process Implementation

Investors lose more money on their losing trades than they make on their winning trades, but we want to act right – “do more of what is working and less of what is not”.

Algorithm Deployment

The go live decision for a trading program is subject to a series of criteria used to back-testing results: risk-adjusted profitability, downside protection, robustness of results



We act according to the highest principles of integrity through all our interactions with stakeholders. Our investment decisions are made on evidence-based research.


We are committed to rule-based investing and apply a predefined systematic development approach.

Rigorous analysis

We deal with a complex and unpredictable environment. Our trading and money management rules are the result of market studies and research back-tested on more than a decade of price data.


We always advise our clients in the best possible way and offer best-in-class service across the board. Our models are proprietary, but we are committed to the highest principles of transparency.

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